Today in the city Whittier 15.11.2018
What's Changed And What Hasn't When It Comes To The Flint Water Crisis

In Flint, Mich., many people are still drinking only bottled water, several years after the water crisis began. Flint residents talk about what's changed — and what hasn't.

Fish Kill in Boulder County Related to Superfund Site Water

Colorado and federal officials say contaminated water released from a federal Superfund cleanup site in Boulder County is likely to blame for a fish kill that occurred earlier this week.

Is There A Link Between A Warming Climate And The Increase In Severe Weather?

There are still many unknowns about the link between the warming climate and the increase in severe weather, including hurricanes Harvey, Florence and Michael. A complete understanding will take time,...

Feds Investigate Whether Mercedes Delayed Informing Owners, Regulators About Safety Problems

Federal regulators are investigating whether Mercedes failed to tell the agency and consumers about safety problems.

This machine makes fresh drinking water out of thin air

Machines designed by a California-based team can produce, in some cases, up to 300 gallons of fresh drinking water a day by pulling it straight from the air. And the team just won a $1.5 million prize...

A broken water main at JFK International Airport wreaked havoc on bathrooms at one of its most important terminals

A water main break at JFK International Airport on Thursday morning stopped travelers from using the restrooms in Terminal 5, according to multiple outlets.  A contractor working on the TWA Hotel outs...

Austin's Water Crisis Reveals Deeper Problems - And A Potential Solution

The current water shortage in Austin, Texas brought a reality check to citizens of the green city by the lake. During a natural disaster like the recent flooding, is our drinking water supply safe and...

Flow Alkaline Spring Water: Say Bye To Plastic Water Bottles and Hello To Mindful Hydration

Times up plastic water bottles. There’s a new game in town. Get into the Flow with the best tasting water in a sustainable plastic alternative.

Turkish Police Investigating Water Sample From Saudi Consulate Well: CNN Turk

ANKARA (Reuters) - Turkish police are investigating water samples taken from a well at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul as part of an investigation...

Serial Entrepreneur Takes On The Impossible Hydrogen Water Challenge

Levy did more research into hydrogen, and how hydrogen-infused water, now HFactor, could be delivered to cancer patients. She's now producing 15 million units a year for a much broader group of people...

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